Who Is She!

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By: Shawana Boyer’

About The Book 

This book is for any woman who has faced some tough times talking about her life struggles, which I call the “unseen sides of every woman”. We may ask “Who Is She”, you may never know until she let her guards down! You will walk away feeling empowered and no longer silenced behind those “broken pieces” that tried to take control of your life. 


About Shawana Montgomery-Boyer

Shawana Montgomery-Boyer was born & raised in Sanford, Fl. She is the owner and creator of SynSha’ Fashions Beauty Studio, Pretty Pearls and Clutches & SynSha’ Fashions Motique, a mobile boutique specializing in women’s fashion.



  • miranda-1

    Who Is She? Has brought me to tears, Who Is She has made me think about myself, my dreams, my goals, and aspirations. Who Is She is a woman that needs to love herself before loving others. Who Is She is a warrior and a believer. I'm so touched by this book because we have been pretty good friends for many years and even some of this I had no idea about but it brings us closer together because we share the same story from two different journies.  Thank you for sharing your honesty, knowledge, wisdom, humility, and understanding with the world. I fear not anymore and can now feel comfortable enough to share mine. I encourage all to read this and yes I shared this with my 10-year-old daughter. Even though there was some tough conversation it was worth her seeing real life happens beyond just mom. We all have a story to share. Encourage women to let their voices be heard. #nomoresilence Love you Shawana

    Miranda Blakes
  • LT1

    From ministry to fashion: Whether it was ME or Her we were working together. We have worked together on so much (since the beginning fr) over the years and have become more like family than anything else. I’ve seen you open a lot of doors for people and them not give you the same love, so I am happy to see you walking in all the things you love to do and look forward to what’s all to come. I love you 

    Latara Griffin
  • RiaClark

    Congratulations!!! To my girl, Shawana Boyer👑 on her Book Signing Success📔. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for the shout out in your book. I truly appreciate your kind words. This book was amazing! This is truly a self-help book. A guide to healing in all situations. Men and Women need this book. That's what it's all about celebrating our sisters in their accomplishments. Best is yet to come. Go ahead level up sis!!! Don't stop get it get it!!! Love you!!!!

    Ria D. Clark
  • von

    Read your book, “Who is She”, with tears in my eyes. It was so beautifully written.

    You are one of my favorite cousins. We grow up not spending enough time together, so I was deeply touched to read all that you went through. Little did you know, I had similar experiences like you and never shared it with anyone until now. I thank you for speaking up and out because you are helping more people than you will ever know.

    Love always,


    Yvonne Jones